Recent Publications 

 “Multidentate thia-crown ethers as hyper-crosslinked macroporous adsorbent resins for  the efficient       Pd/Pt recovery and separation from highly acidic spent automotive  catalyst leachate” R. E. C.  Torrejos, E. C. Escobar, J. W. Han, S. H. Min, H. Yook,  K. J. Parohinog, S. Koo, H. Kim, G. M. Nisola, W.-J. Chung, Chemical Engineering  Journal 2021, 424, 130379.

 “Tuning Single-Molecule Conductance by Controlled Electric Field-Induced trans-to-cis   Isomerisation” C.S. Quintans, D. Andrienko, K.F. Domke, D. Aravena, S. Koo, I.   Díez-Pérez, A.C. Aragonès, Applied Sciences 2021, 11(8), 3317. (online Apr. 7, 2021).

 “Syntheses of Chalcone-Derived Heteroaromatics with Anti-bacterial Activities” H. Jin,   X. Jiang, H. Yoo, T. Wang, C.l G. Sung, U. Choi, C.-R. Lee,* H. Yu, S. Koo*   ChemistrySelect 2020, 5(40), 12421-12424. (online Oct. 29, 2020).

 “Concise and practical synthesis of (+)-Abscisic acid” D. Kim and S. Koo* ACS Omega   2020, 5(22), 13296-13302. (2020.05).

“Crown ethers "clicked" on fibrous polyglycidyl methacrylate for selective Li+ retrieval from aqueous   sources” G. M. Nisola, K. J. Parohinoga, R. E. C. Torrejos, S. Koo, S.-P. Lee,* H. Kim,* W.-J.  Chung,*  Colloids and Surfaces A 2020, 595, 124709 (2020.04).

 “Synthetic strategy for tetraphenyl-substituted all-E-carotenoids with improved   molecular properties” B. Lim, H. Jung, H. Yoo, M. Park, H. Yang, W.-J. Chung, S.   Koo* European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2020, (11), 1769-1777 (2020.03.16.).

 “Synthesis and application of novel hydroxylated thia-crown ethers as composite   ionophores for selective recovery of Ag+ from aqueous sources” H. T. Fissaha, G. M.   Nisola, F. K. Burnea, J. Y. Lee, S. Koo, S.-P. Lee, H. Kim, W.-J. Chung* Journal of   Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 2020, 81, 415-426 (2020.01.25.).

 “Bromoacetate Olefination Protocol for Norbixin and Julia-Kocienski Olefination for Its   Ester Syntheses” D. Kim, M. Alam, W.-J. Chung, S. Koo* ACS Omega 2019, 4(6),   10019-10024 (2019.06.07.).

 “Synthesis of Phenyl-2,2?-bichalcophenes and Their Aza-analogues by Catalytic   Oxidative Deacetylation” X. Jiang, H. Jin, T. Wang, H. Yoo, S. Koo* Synthesis 2019,   51(17), 3259-3268. DOI:10.1055/s-0037-1611564.

 “7-?Deoxynarciclasine shows promising antitumor efficacy by targeting Akt against   hepatocellular carcinoma” S. Yin,* Y. Qiu,* C. Jin,* R. Wang, S. Wu, H. Liu, S. Koo,   L. Han, Y. Zhang, X. Gao, X. Pang, T. Wang and H. Yu International Journal of  Cancer  2019, DOI:10.1002/ijc.32395.

 “Aqueous Synthesis of 14-15-Membered Crown Ethers with Mixed O, N, and S   Heteroatoms: Experimental and Theoretical Binding Studies with Platinum-Group   Metals” R. E. C. Torrejos, G. M. Nisola, S. H. Min, J. W. Han, S. Koo, K. J. Parohinog,   S. Lee, H. Kim, W.-J. Chung,* ChemPlusChem 2019, 84, 210-221.

 “Fast Assembly and High-Throughput Screening of Structure and Antioxidant   Relationship of Carotenoids” D. Kim, G. Shi, Y. Kim, S. Koo* Org. Lett. 2019, 21,   714-718.

 “Lycorin Displays Potent Antitumor Efficacy in Colon Carcinoma by Targeting STAT3  ” S. Wu, Y. Qiu, Y. Shao, S. Yin, R. Wang, X. Pang, J. Ma, C. Zhang, B. Wu, S. Koo,   L. Han, Y. Zhang, X. Gao, T. Wang, H. Yu,* frontiers in Pharmacology, 2018, 9,   881/1-881/11.

 “Role of Ring Ortho Substituents on the Configuration of Carotenoid Polyene Chains”   M. Kim, H. Jung, A. C. Aragones, I. Diez-Perez, K.-H. Ahn, W.-J. Chung, D. Kim, S.   Koo* Org. Lett. 2018, 20, 493-496.

 “Deprotection of durable benzenesulfonyl protection for phenols – efficient synthesis of   polyphenols” M. S. Alam, S. Koo* Synth. Commun. 2018 , 48, 247-254.

 “Aerosol Cross-Linked Crown Ether Diols Melded with Poly(vinyl alcohol) as   Specialized Microfibrous Li+ Adsorbents” L. A. Limjuco, G. M. Nisola, R. E. C.   Torrejos, J. W. Han, H. S. Song, K. J. Parohinog, S. Koo, S.-P. Lee, W.-J. Chung, ACS   Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2017, 9, 42862-42874.

 “Systematic synthesis of diphenyl-substituted carotenoids as molecular wires” B. Lim,   E.-T. Oh, J.O. Im, K. S. Lee, H. Jung, M. Kim, D. Kim, J. T. Oh, S.-H. Bae, W.-J.   Chung, K.-H. Ahn, S. Koo* Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2017, 6390-6400.

Aethusifolins A–D: Four new components from a traditional Mongolian medicinal herb   Clematis aethusifolia Turcz” Y. Chang, P. Zhang, J. Jurhiin, X. Zhang, W. Borgihiin,  H.  Zhao, S. Koo, W.-D. Rausch, B. Agula, B. Bao, Phytochem. Lett. 2017, 22, 87-91.

 “Design of lithium selective crown ethers: Synthesis, extraction and theoretical binding   studies” R. E. C. Torrejos,   G. M. Nisola, H. S. Song, L. A. Limjuco, C. P. Lawagon, K.   J. Parohinog, S. Koo, J. W. Han, W.-J. Chung, Chem. Engineer. J. 2017, 326, 921-933.

 “Efficient preparation method of 4-hydroxybenzoic esters – Oxidation of substituted  Hagemman’s ester” S. Kang, D. Kim, I. J. In, S. Koo* Tetrahedron Lett. 2017, 58,  2264-2266.